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Important info about the nearest future of Yoga Kalika

Hello everybody!

Now the studio has been closed for a while and I want to thank you for the past season! As I mentioned before, this studio is not possible without you, so thank you for choosing to support and become a part of it!

At first, the idea was that it would be closed for two weeks ahead, but due to the covid situation and the new restrictions, I have decided to keep it closed from today, Monday 21/12 and throughout January.

This means that the studio will start up again on Monday, February 1, 2021.

I have tried by all means to stay open with appropriate adjustments, but given how things look, it no longer feels appropriate.

I hope you understand this, and that you’ll continue to support Yoga Kalika so we can survive until next season!

BUT - I still insist that I think it is extremely important to continue your yoga practice. I hope you roll out the mat at home and do what you can, and should you need a push, then I have taken some action that I hope can help:

* I will teach an online class / week via zoom. This will be on Sundays at 15.00. The first is already posted in the Time Center under the calendar "Online Classes". I run these classes as long as there is interest in them, if there’s not, I will remove them.

Bettan's yin yoga also continues online on Wednesdays at 19.30, the same thing applies there: they only happen if you book in and there is an interest in it.

With that said: please book these classes if you want to take them! So we know if there’s an interest for them. Thanks!

* I am recording some classes that you can access via a link you’ll get from me, so you can practice at home whenever it suits you! You can see them over and over again, and it will at least be a led ashtanga, and a strong flow.

I will share the links both via a newsletter like this and on our social media.

* Stretch workshop: I will hold a workshop where I teach different tricks to open up the body if you want to spend a little extra time on it. Stretching exercises both with and without props that you can do at home to give both muscles and joints a little extra help on the way to open up the most stiff parts.

Of course, this workshop also takes place online.

Will be back with date and time soon!

Neither the online classes nor the recorded classes will cost you members anything. No clips will be deducted from your clip cards, if your monthly card has expired, you can still participate.

These will therefore be completely free of charge at the moment. However, the workshop will cost SEK 300 / person.

I hope this can spice your yoga-nerve up to keep your practice going!

And as I mentioned above; THANK YOU for your support, and I sincerely hope that you will continue to support Yoga Kalika if you have the opportunity.

Registration for the beginner courses is still open because they do not start until February, and you can buy a clip / monthly card now but which starts being valid 1/2.

I wish you with everything I have a smooth ending of this tough year, and a fantastic start to the new one.

Big, warm hugs,


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